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Aluminum leaf guard

Leaf-Guard Systems

Keep your new seamless gutters clear of leaves and reduce your maintenance issues with a leaf-guard system. Our aluminum leaf-guard systems never rust, reduce gutter maintenance and provide the most cost-effective leaf protection for your home's gutters.

The Best Leaf Protection

Our leaf-guard systems provide the most protection for  your home's gutters. They're installed in 10-foot sections, with accommodation for downspout access. They install below the roof line and not underneath your roof shingles, so there are never any worries about damaging your shingles or voiding your roof warranty.

Aluminum leaf guard
Aluminum leaf guard
All-Aluminum Design

Our leaf-guard systems are made entirely of aluminum, so they never rust. There's no mesh for the birds and squirrels to rip away for their nests. There's no foam inside the gutters to restrict water flow and host a small garden. And, there's no unsightly bulge above your gutters like you get with reverse-curve guards, which ruin your home's aesthetics.

Invisible from the Ground

Our leaf-guard systems install at the top line of the gutter and then slightly recess inside it, so they're virtually invisible from your sight line and won't detract from your home's aesthetics. Installation doesn't disturb your shingles, and the leaf guard can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Aluminum leaf guard for K-style gutters
Preferred Seamless Gutters installation truck fleet
Our Installation Crews

Our installation crews are experienced professionals in seamless gutter and leaf-guard system installations. We show up punctually and ready to work, because we respect your time. We are courteous and clean up after the job is completed. We always leave your landscape/shrubs/plants in at least as good shape as they were before we arrived.

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